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Try Dr. McDaniel's Herbal Lotion on anything that is bothering you and experience for yourself how good this lotion really is.

4 unique formulas to choose from:


Extra Strength

Formula 5 - for face

Pregnancy Formula

Full Money Back Guarantee if not satisfied when used as directed.  Do NOT rub it in - see directions!

Relief is faster and lasts longer with

Dr.McDaniel's Herbal Lotions

Apply a thin layer to the skin over the area of discomfort and let it soak in.  DO NOT RUB IN.  Use Dr. McDaniel's Herbal Lotion 3 or 4 times per day for best results. There is rapid relief that lasts for hours because of the nourishing oils, minerals and proteins found in our formula.s There is no added water, no artificial ingredients, no preservatives or colors. The pleasing natural orange fragrance disappears as the lotion is absorbed into the skin.

Clinical trials 1996-2001, with over 2,000 people, and test marketing of Dr. McDaniel's Herbal Lotion have proven this soothing, all natural Emu Oil, Aloe Vera Gel and Herbal extract formula provides transdermal nutrition to promote health and recovery on a cellular level. Use it topically for relief of discomfort from arthritis, skin irritation, minor injuries and migraine headache. Your body will create healthy new cells over time in response to this nutritional lotion that contains natural proteins, minerals and essential oils that are drawn in through the skin.


Do not use if allergic to lanolin.

Store at room temperature, keep out of heat over 115 degrees. Do NOT store in Car!

Do not use on poison ivy, poison oak or sumac.

     Shown to spread plant irritants!

Do not use if allergic to citrus fruits, apple cider vinegar or aloevera.

Do NOT use Original or Extra Strength formulas while pregnant.

     Order our Pregnancy Formula -

     100%  safe for use during this special time.

     It does all this & helps with stretch marks too!

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muscle spasms

sports injuries

diabetic neuropathy

sore throat & cough

tooth infections

teething pain

canker sores

bug bites / stings

open wounds

cuts & scrapes



varicose veins




dry skin